A Closer Look at Army Ribbons


by Guest Author on September 24, 2009

Thin ribbons and army ribbons may be no more than a piece of felt or cloth to the unsuspecting eye, but a deeper look into the matter will reveal that these seemingly mundane objects can be more precious than gold.

Each medal and ribbon has its own criteria and, in turn, its own design that has been thoughtfully planned out to symbolize its own unique cause. To those who have served in the Armed Forces, there can be nothing more meaningful than to be recognized for the tremendous amount of work and sacrifice that one has put forth.

The Army Medal of Honor is an award that has a ribbon adorned with 12 white stars. It is awarded to a military member who has displayed fearless bravery and courage at the risk of his or her own life while serving in action.

The Bronze Star Medal is awarded for distinguished acts of heroism or achievements of meritorious nature or excellent service worthy of recognition that do not involve participation in aerial flight, which are of a lesser degree than the criteria required to receive the Silver Star. The medal is suspended by a ribbon that includes white, blue and scarlet stripes.

The Purple Heart is awarded to soldiers who were wounded or killed while serving in the armed forces during action engaged against an enemy or opposing force of a foreign country. The medal is suspended by a ribbon that consists of white and purple stripes.

The Good Conduct Medal is suspended by a ribbon that consists of soldier red and white stripes. It is awarded to soldiers based on exemplary behavior and efficiency throughout a time while the soldier is enlisted in active duty. The immediate commander is the one who approves the award.

The Prisoner of War Medal is suspended by a ribbon that consists of Old Glory Red and White stripes. It is awarded to a soldier who, while engaged in military action against an enemy of the United States, was held captive or was taken prisoner. Civilians with past military service that involved a period of captivity are also eligible for the award.

Like I mentioned earlier, some civilians see army ribbons and immediately pass it off as meaning nothing more than a piece of cloth. But if one were to probe a bit deeper, they would find out that they actually have very deep and important meanings than what first meets the eye.

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Cpl. Roy September 25, 2009 at 3:24 pm

Nice look at the depth behind the Decoration awarded to the Members of the Armed Services. But, I would point out the Medal of Honor is adorned with thirteen stars; representing the original Colonies.

Troy Perkins October 1, 2009 at 7:40 am

Cpl Roy, you make a good point or correction I should say. Hopefully James Morgan author writing for mymilitaryribons.com will see this and comment.

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